unhealthy dietingBeware of Unhealthy Dieting Fads

Whenever you hear someone say they are dieting, it doesn’t really conjure up an image of something fun or pleasant. “I’m dieting’ is always said with a sigh when you’re offering someone a slice of cake or another helping of fettuccine alfredo. No one ever grins from side to side when they say that they are on a diet because it usually isn’t something very healthy nor something one can stick to for long.

A diet is something that you do when you want to change your body, and go off once you've reached a certain goal. You should consume a wide variety of healthful foods, paying attention to portion sizes, and thinking twice before eating a lot of foods that are high in calories but low in nutrition, we don't recommend following any kind of plan that tells you what, how much, and how often you should eat, without regard for your body's hunger and satiety signals. You should never have a eating plan that you go on and then go off again.

This is mainly because unhealthy dieting fads are the norm now. You hear of someone on a cabbage soup diet or others on a melon-only diet. You may have heard of no-carb diets aka Atkins or only liquid diets too. None of these unhealthy dieting ideas can seem too appealing in the long run. You may see great results for the first few weeks but honestly, how long can you eat melons for until you are bored out of your mind?

If you count grams of fat, opt for high-protein foods while shunning carbs, rely on "safe" foods, beat yourself up for eating "bad" foods, consciously or unconsciously undereat (which can trigger overeating later), use diet soft drinks or coffee to quell your hunger, or decide what you can eat based on what you've already eaten today, you're dieting. Although it may sound surprising, the negative effects of dieting also hold true even if you aren't following a formal diet but still think like a dieter.

Why Unhealthy Dieting Doesn’t Work

It may sound old fashioned and it may not be the quick results we all would love. But eating less and exercising more is the only safe and proven way to lose weight – and keep it off. This way you don’t bar yourself from your favorite foods, feel deprived and then go on a binge. You can eat whatever you like provided it is in moderation.

I am sure you have noticed if you’ve tried dieting before that as soon as you go on a diet, all you want to do is eat? You find yourself preoccupied with what you'll have for your next meal, whether you can have a snack, what others are eating, or even what you'll allow yourself to eat tomorrow.

When this happens, both body and mind switch into survival mode when the food supply is radically diminished. While the body turns down the metabolism and becomes a "slow burner" in an attempt to hang on to every single calorie, the mind gears itself to one overriding purpose of getting food.

The end result? You Unexpectedly, you may find yourself clipping recipes, planning menus, cooking huge meals for others of which you'll eat yourself. The implication is clear. Your body wants food, and your mind does, too.

The main purpose of dieting is to lose weight forever, not to buy a new wardrobe and have to outgrow it yet again. Therefore kiss the unhealthy dieting phase of your life good bye. Bid farewell to yo-yo figures on the scale and embrace a healthier lifestyle; where you can eat a breadstick or a cookie just so long as you know the whole bread basket isn’t a good idea.

Instant Gratification Dieting

We live in an instant world. Instant email, cell phones, faxes and instant mac and cheese and coffee too. Therefore we want instant weight loss as well. Any late night infomercial that promises instant weight loss like 2 inches a day and 10 pounds a week sounds so appealing that we are tempted to pay money and risk our health for this unhealthy diet plan. Beware that these pills and powders are not approved by the FDA and many have serious side effects.

Even gastric bypass surgery can not be the right choice for you. If you just have 20 pounds to lose, you need not go under the knife and get something irreversible. Such procedures are for the morbidly obese and should be recommended by a doctor – not the other way around! If it took you 3 years to gain 50 pounds give yourself 3 years to loose 50 pounds. That is not unhealthy dieting.

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