safe dietingSafe Dieting Facts

Safe weight loss programs are designed to lose more fat, and less lean tissue - this means weight loss of about 1- 2 pounds a week and no more.

Dieting need not conjure up images of starved people or sickening food; there is such a thing as safe dieting provided you follow some basic ground rules. You can follow a preplanned safe diet or devise one of your own if you eat fewer calories than you usually do and burn off more calories through exercise than your body is accustomed to.
There is no one formula for a safe diet; any meal plan that involves healthy controlled choices from all food groups coupled with exercise can be labeled a safe diet. If you are pregnant or if you suffer from any heart ailment or other medical condition, even the safest of diets should be discussed and approved by your health care professional.

Safe Dieting and Weight Loss

Safe dieting and weight loss programs, encourage moderate physical activity to burn calories and build lean tissue.

A typical adult gains weight slowly, over time. One day it reaches that point where you start to really notice it. All of a sudden you want that extra weight off right now! Many weight loss programs capitalize on this, promising instant results with very little effort. That is why so many people who diet regain the weight they lose.

Safe weight loss programs and nutritionally sound eating plans for the short and long term should be the cornerstone of safe dieting. Physical activity is strongly encouraged for anyone physically able, it is a critical component to good health and healthy body weight.

This may sound like too slow a weight loss program, but it is something that is achievable by simple changes to your lifestyle and can be categorized as a safe diet. Losing 6 pounds a week may sound great but it is difficult to maintain and sometimes the pounds pile on again.

A simple way to lose a pound a week is to burn 500 calories a day. You can do this by eating 250 calories less and burning 250 calories on an exercise machine. 500 calories multiplied by 7 days in a week is equal to 3500 calories that is one pound. Just saying no to extra cheese and biggie size options alone can save you 250 calories and brisk walking on the treadmill for around 40 minutes at around 3.5 miles an hour can expend 250 calories.

It may sound like a lot of numbers, but the math in this safe diet is very simple.

Don’t Fall For Gimmicks

Another aspect of safe dieting is not to fall for gimmicks with pills, powders and patches not approved by the FDA. So many advertising dollars are spent online, on TV and in print about how a miracle pill can make you shrink 10 dress sizes or how you can look good in a bikini in just one week! Don’t be tempted by taking these short cuts; they just may land you in the hospital. So many people have heard about the complications that ephedra-based products had and many lawsuits have been filed against other such ‘doctor-recommended’ safe diets. The people in the advertisements aren’t even really doctors as the fine print often states and the side effects can greatly outweigh the short term benefits.

Be inspired by celebrities like Kirstie Alley and now Ricki Lake who have lost tremendous amounts of weight by diet and exercise as opposed to a fad diet that is in fashion one day and out the window the next.

Remember safe weight loss programs do not promise fast, easy results that set your body up for failure.

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