Juice Dieting; Drinking Your Pounds Away

All these tasty and not so tasty sometijuice dietingmes smoothies and shakes are all the rage these days. You see celebrities and regular people alike taking to them pretty easily. However, how effective are these liquid diets and in particular, what can you expect a juice diet to really accomplish?

Juice diets should not be confused with liquid diets as they are based on consuming around 8 tall glasses (12 ounce each) of specially formulated juice per day. When you are on this or a similar diet, it is not just any old fruit you can extract juice from or just pick up a bottle pf Tropicana from the gas station.

Successful Juice Dieting

According to Barbara Rolls, PhD, a professor at Pennsylvania State University and author of The Volumetrics Weight-Control Plan: Feel Full on Fewer Calories. Tomato juice, tomato soup, vegetable soup watery heavy foods like these seem to trigger receptors in the stomach that tell the brain you're full.

"I'm full" feeling is one secret ingredient to weight management, according to Rolls. People don't like to deprive themselves. They feel a sense of failure when they do this.

Broth, soups, and juices along with whole fruits, vegetables, and grains are high in fiber and water content, and low in fat and calories. If you have soup before a meal, it can help control your hunger and you generally eat less, says Rolls. A Low calorie soup can take the edge off your hunger. Just be careful not to eat rich, cream based soups they could add calories to your diet, she says.

Why it works. Water dilutes the calories in the food. You can then eat more for the same calories. When you add water-rich blueberries to your breakfast cereal or water-rich eggplant to your lasagna you add food volume but few calories. Grapes have more water content than raisins. For a 100-calorie snack, you can eat more grapes than raisins. It's just that simple. Always compare calories of frozen or canned products.

Specialty Juice Dieting Products

Those who do opt for the juice diet like the convenience factor involved. They can have a drink whenever they like without any counting or measuring. They do not need to shop for food for themselves while on this diet and they know that they will see results. However, don’t expect to be saving oodles and oodles of money on grocery bills as these special drinks do not come cheap since you have to be drinking around 96 ounces of them every day.

Mother Nature has provided us with a overabundance of fruits to choose from but that is based on the fact that there are several other food groups to gain the remaining nutrients from. If you choose to remove protein, carbs, fats and dairy from your diet and stick to the juice diet alone, then you will need to buy these specially concocted formulas made from 50 per cent juice and a host of other ingredients that claim to help you lose weight and see the difference in just two days.

For the juice diet to be effective you need to stick to the specially formulated juices available online and in health food stores. This is because they have the added vitamins and minerals your body needs in greater amounts than would be possible with fresh fruit juices alone.

However, be warned that the juice diet is not evaluated by the FDA nor is it recommended for sick, pregnant, nursing, and diabetic people or those with any other preexisting medical condition. Always consult your doctor before you begin this or any other diet or exercise program.

A lot of people favor the juice diet because hey feel it is much easier to slurp something down than to buy, pick, wash, pit, cut, and serve fresh fruits. They love the berry and citrus varieties readily available and think is an easier way to have their daily dose (and more) of fruits than making trips to the grocery store and seeing uncut fruit rot on the counter top since you never got around to peeling or slicing it.


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