Detox Dieting Tips

You’ve seen celebrities and other public figures talking about detox dieting. It seems as if everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Every couple of years a new detox diet plan appears on the public spectrum and some beautiful Hollywood celebrity is proclaiming the great benefits of the new diet. Many people are willing to try about anything to lose weight and the detox diets have become quite popular for quite some time now. But it is important for people to always look at any diet to see what the real benefits are and what possible harm may come from the diet. This is even more important for people who have other health concerns because diets may cause other health problems to become worse problems. Staying healthy and strong through dieting has to be the ultimate goal of any diet including a detox diet.

Are There Benefits To Detox Dieting?

Many proponents of detox dieting believe that the body is being contaminated by substances and chemicals taken in through normal exposure. Everything from second hand cigarette smoke, processed foods, caffeine and alcohol can be considered toxic to the body. Through the use of detox dieting methods the body will be cleansed of all these possible harmful substances and then the body will be able to use the foods in the diet to achieve a balance where weight loss is more easily achieved. It is true that with almost all detox diets you will probably see a sudden loss of weight because of the food restrictions. This weight loss may be a great boost to the bigger weight loss goals you will try to achieve.

Detox Dieting Problems

The biggest problem with most detox diets is that they are highly restrictive and eliminate several foods which are necessary for normal body functions. These diets call for you to avoid or eliminate milk products, eggs, wheat, meat, fish, alcohol, caffeine, salt, sugar and all processed foods. Avoiding alcohol, caffeine, and processed foods is not going to hurt a person but the other foods all have key nutrients in them that keep a person healthy. When a person eliminates these foods they risk malnutrition and the complications that go along with this.

The other negative to detox dieting is that they are hard to follow for long periods. Because of the strict limitations of the diet you will almost certainly find yourself craving certain foods and then loosing self control and going on a food binge to satisfy your cravings. Secondly, if eating out say with friends in a restaurant or another person’s home there may not be many if any foods that are allowed on the detox diet plan. 

If you or someone you know wants to try a detox diet it might be okay for a very short amount of time to give the body a quick boost to weight loss but a person should think carefully about following this type of diet for any extended length of time or at least find a professional who is familiar with this sort of plan to help guide and monitor you.


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