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There are pros and cons on the use of caffeine in dieting. A person who is serious about their diet will have to look carefully at the issue to decide what is best for them. 

For people who drink a lot of caffeine products the thought of giving up caffeine in dieting can be horrid. Many people who drink several cups of coffee or diet coke daily find that they are almost addicted to the beverage. If they try to quit drinking the caffeine beverages they find that they go through withdrawal symptoms the same as if they were quitting taking any addictive drug or alcohol. The issue for these people is can they diet with caffeine. 

The Negative Effects Of Caffeine In Dieting

Some diet plans such as The Zone and the Atkins diet discourage caffeine in dieting. These diets subscribe to the theory that caffeine has an affect on the hormones adrenaline and glucagon and this causes the increased blood sugar levels. For dieters, especially diabetics, this can have a significant negative effect. 

Another problem with caffeine in dieting is that the caffeine acts as a diuretic. The more coffee a person drinks the higher the risk of dehydration. A person may see a rapid weight loss from the loss of fluid but this is not a good weight loss and is cause for concern. Not only can the dehydration cause severe problems for the person but the initial goal of weight loss will be defeated by the lack of fluid in a person’s body. It is important for any dieter to be well hydrated so the body can effectively burn the fat cells.

Caffeine in dieting is a very controversial subject. Each person needs to evaluate their own needs and perhaps discuss with their doctor the right decision for including caffeine in their diet.  

Caffeine In Dieting Pills

A lot of diet pills have caffeine as one of their main ingredients. This is because caffeine is a terrific stimulant to the human body. There may also be some appetite suppression effect from drinking caffeine. By using caffeine in dieting a person can find that they have more energy and ambition towards exercise and physical activity rather than just sitting around moaning about the diet.

By keeping the caffeine beverage in dieting the dieter feels like they still have something which they can enjoy. Another positive to caffeine in dieting is when a person wants something but is not allowed any food on their diet they can have a cup of non fat, non carbohydrate, zero calorie coffee and be satisfied. Some people feel that when they are dieting they are already giving up several things that they really enjoy in their diet.

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