cabbage soupCabbage Soup For Dieting

The cabbage soup diet is pretty restrictive but it does show results and is often recommended by doctors for patients who are going to undergo heart surgery or something similar when they need to lose weight fast. The premise of the diet is that the cabbage soup made of lots of vegetables and water will fill you up and help detox your body by flushing all the fats out. In addition to the unlimited amounts of soup you can have, each day is limited to just a few other things.

The Cabbage Soup Diet plan promises a 10-pound weight loss in one week, and dieters are restricted to one week at a time on the plan. If they want to lose more, they are advised to wait awhile before commencing another week on this super-low-calorie diet.

The recipe for the cabbage soup varies slightly among different versions of the diet. But it basically includes cabbage and assorted low-calorie vegetables such as onions and tomatoes, and is flavored with onion soup mix, bouillon, and tomato juice.

Cabbage Soup For Dieting Directions:

Spray a large pot with cooking oil. Slice the green onions, put in the pot and sauté .Cut green pepper stem end off and cut in half, take the seeds and membrane out. Cut the green-pepper into bite size pieces and add to pot.

Take the outer leafs layers off the cabbage, cut into bite size pieces, add to pot. Clean carrots, cut into bite size pieces, and add to pot. Slice mushrooms into thick slices, add to pot. If you would like a spicy soup, add a small amount of curry or cayenne pepper now.

You can use beef or chicken bouillon cubes for seasonings. These have all the salt and flavors you will need.

Use about 12 cups of water (or 8 cups and the V8 juice), cover and put heat on low. Let soup cook for a long time - two hours works well. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Cabbage Soup Recipe

2 green peppers
6 large green onions
1 or 2 cans of tomatoes (diced or whole)
3 Carrots
1 Container (10 oz. or so) Mushrooms
1 bunch of celery
half a head of cabbage
1 package Lipton onion soup mix
1 or 2 cubes of bouillon (optional)
1 48oz can V8 juice (optional)
Season to taste with salt, pepper, parsley, curry, garlic powder, etc..

About The Cabbage Soup Diet

The cabbage soup diet has been around since time immemorial; decades ago women swore to losing weight by having bowls full of the cabbage diet soup and things haven’t changed in the 21st century either. You may have it easier by the cabbage soup diet pills floating around in the market, but the concept remains unaltered.

Sample Days

For instance, day one is unlimited soup plus all the vegetables you can eat (apart from a few starchy ones like peas and corn). Day two is soup again plus all the fruits you can eat except for a few like bananas and mangoes. Day three is soup plus fruits and vegetables. Day four is soup plus skim milk and bananas. Day five is when you can introduce a little grilled meat and some brown rice and so on. Tea, coffee and pop are not allowed on the cabbage soup diet and exercise is recommended though not mandatory.

Maintenance Phase

Experts recommend that people not go on this diet for too long a period at a stretch because it could rid your body of essential nutrients. However, it has been considered relatively safe for a week or so and does bring about results. Nevertheless, while on the cabbage soup diet, don’t forget all about it as soon day 7 is over; this may result in a downward spiral leaving you back at square one.

Even if you don’t follow the cabbage sop diet strictly after the first seven days, do make the soup part of your daily meals. Have it before your meal; it will fill you up on minimum calories leaving you with not much room to overindulge in the actual meal. Don’t forget the fruits and veggies either; having a variety of different colored produce and leafy vegetables can always help you reach your weight loss goals.

Different versions of this very restrictive diet have been buzzing through fax machines and circulating around water coolers for years. A few books have documented different variations of this simple, anonymously written diet plan, which surprisingly has survived the test of time.

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